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Kommentar von Mich( ), 13.11.2012 um 05:53 (UTC):
there could be hundreds of tdhasunos slaughtered . Then 30 seconds later he says millions could be killed . Then two minutes later he says that there have been between 1000 and 2000 deaths but in reality NO ONE knows. You have joined in the chorus against Gadhafi but when will you condemn Bliar, Berlusconi and the European oil companies from coddling up to Gadhafi? Thet are just as complicit as the Gadhafi militia pulling the trigger.All the attention being given mainly to Egyptians fleeing the country and labeled refugees by Anderson. They are not refugees if they are trying to get back to their own country. The real refiugees are in Sudan, Irak and Afghanistan and even Colombia as they are forced from their homes. No metion of this on CNN for months. It does not exist for them anymore since the orders to the corporate press are blackball Gadhafi since we want the oil (similar to Iraq). There is no difference between the rule of Gadhafi and the Saudi Royal Family. No one blackballs them even though Osama come from that country and there is evidence that saudi finances terrorism as well.Well, this is suddenly a priority after 42 years despite Libya being rehabilitated in 2004 after Blair's visit to the Place . Look beyond the headlines and all this BS of trying to demomize Chavez due to his links with Gadhafi. At least PDV is not there as in ENI, Repsol, BP, Shell and others profiting from the blood of the Libyans.And, no, I do not condone any deaths. I just condemn this type of reporting which is akin to the reports on Iraq .and look at the disaster in that country after more than 1.5 million dead. Honestly, I thought you were more intelligent.

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