süüß (:

mit seinem Kumpel Lucky Boy (rechts) ^^

die zwei süßen bei der Fellpflege

Leroy, Livius (goldene Mitte) und Lucky Boy

von der Seite

auf gehts zur Weide

voll süüüß^^

wieder in der Mitte

wieder mit Lucky

irgentwie niedlich


mmmhhh, lecker Gras ^^

ich liebe dieses Bild <3

wieder Mal Livius und Lucky

Lucky und Livius ^^

Livius und Luckylein ^^

auf gehts, gleich gibts fressen!

irgentwie süüß (:

"na was denn jetzt?? kriegen wir jetzt Futter?"

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Kommentar von Citlali( w.griqichotmail.jp ), 11.11.2012 um 17:04 (UTC):
Michael Klare's latest piece offres perhaps the crucial context within which to consider Cheney's urge to launch an air assault on Iran. Everyone wants to go to Baghdad. Real men want to go to Tehran The New Energy PessimismBy Michael T. KlareWhen peak oil theory was first widely publicized in such path breaking books as Kenneth Deffeyes' Hubbert's Peak (2001), Richard Heinberg's The Party's Over (2002), David Goodstein's Out of Gas (2004), and Paul Robert's The End of Oil (2004), energy industry officials and their government associates largely ridiculed the notion The Missing TrillionsA very similar prognosis emerges from a careful reading of Facing the Hard Truths About Energy, the second major report to be released in July. Submitted to the U.S. Department of Energy by the National Petroleum Council (NPC), an oil-industrial association, this report encapsulated the view of both industry officials and academic analysts. It was widely praised for providing a balanced approach to the energy dilemma. It called for both increased fuel-efficiency standards for vehicles and increased oil and gas drilling on federal lands. Contributing to the buzz around its release was the identity of the report's principal sponsor, former Exxon CEO Lee Raymond. Having previously expressed skepticism about global warming, he now embraced the report's call for the taking of significant steps to curb carbon-dioxide emissions.Like the IEA report, the NPC study does claim that with the perfect mix of policies and an adequate level of investment the energy industry would be capable of satisfying oil and gas demand for some years to come. Fortunately, the world is not running out of energy resources, the report bravely asserts. Read deep into the report, though, and these optimistic words begin to dissolve as its emphasis switches to the growing difficulties (and costs) of extracting oil and gas from less-than-favorable locations and the geopolitical risks associated with a growing global reliance on potentially hostile, unstable suppliers.Again, the numbers involved are staggering. According to the NPC, an estimated $20 trillion in new investment (that's trillion, not billion) will be needed between now and 2030 to ensure sufficient energy for anticipated demand. This works out to $3,000 per person alive today in a world in which a good half of humanity earns substantially less than that each year.GodzillaVsBambi I always knew that Lee Raymond guy was a closet liberal, what a flip-flopper. If there is one thing I can not stand it's a bleeding liberal that was against global warming before he was for global warming. Right Zilla?

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