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Kommentar von Ofelia( ), 13.11.2012 um 07:22 (UTC):
Haha! This is classic Torres. A repssnoe so stupid that one doesn't even know where to begin. I'll try to respond to the few parts that were marginally intelligible. But then you ask people to state their stance with respect to the 60s situation as if it were identical to the Lybia situation, with no grey areas. NO I didn't. I made a comparison between them. Do you know that that is? Nowhere did I imply that they were identical. You seem to want us to understand that it’s OK to support an alliance between chavez and Qaddafi, but not between Machado and Bush. I didn't say that. I was using your own argument against you to demonstrate that a simple alliance with another government doesn't necessarily mean that you support their human rights record. Although you're right, Machado probably wasn't a good example since she (as many of the Venezuelan opposition) probably DOES support Bush's human rights record, making your attempts to criticize Chavez all the more hypocritical and ridiculous.

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