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Flow,This inability of yours to aekgowlcdne reality is quite common. It comes from the New Testament. Huh? Yes e2€“ the New Testament. In the New Testament there is scarcely a mention of a Roman presence in Judaea. Sure there is a centurion here and a guard there, but it is absolutely DEVOID of the REALITY of life, Jewish life, in Judaea during Jesuse2€™ time. In other words your problem, Flow, stems from what the New Testament has NOT taught you in terms of how you view the world. You see the world through rose colored glasses because you only got HALF of the story, HALF of the REALITY, from The Monkeys of the Danube. As a result, you see REALITY as fiction and fiction as REALITY. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Pun intended!!Think theree2€™s a connection between how the [Catholic] Church protects and hides pedophile priests from justice, and how they hid the REALITY of the occupation of Judaea from the people? Answer the question! Think theree2€™s a connection between the Pope and the Mufti so far as money from Italy is pouring into Iraq to Support the Baath Party, responsible for many American deaths? Answer the question! What is your opinion of the Vaticane2€™s role in helping Nazis through Perone2€™s Argentina? Answer the question! And last but not least what is your opinion of the Vatican being one of the worlde2€™s top ten money laundering destinations? Answer the question! Too much REALITY flow?You know what you can do with your lies and your poison, right?!!

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