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Kommentar von Rajeshwar( fhj357163.com ), 11.11.2012 um 17:42 (UTC):
America has, through mriitaly deterrent and in some cases intervention, the responsibility of maintaining its global investments by securing peace and stability to those NATO and NATO allied countries that have economic interests with us. On the other side of town we have Russian and Chinese communists and atheists whose world view is the inverse of our own, who have concluded that a e2€˜lacke2€™ of peace and stability e2€“ in those typical parts of the globe where proxy wars are fought (from Vietnam to Iraq), and also, obviously, in the Middle East e2€“ is to their economic benefit i.e. by opposing what the West does. By creating chaos in the Middle East and selling advanced weaponry to regimes who oppose the West, they feel that they are preventing our values and lifestyle from encroaching upon them.Why done2€™t we try to focus on what is e2€˜differente2€™ about our e2€œempiree2€9d so we can, with some luck, analyze it e2€˜objectivelye2€™ and see it for what it really is, instead of the worn out arguments provided by the usual left wing bias? Unlike the empires of old our e2€œempiree2€9d does not require us to occupy the territories of those countries that have willingly become a part of it. We provide mriitaly protection to those regimes who gain wealth through the rule of law and democratic reform; not because we say so, but because history proves that it works. In this context Iraq, which is a mriitaly issue, is an exception. Our e2€œempiree2€9d is economic in nature and therefore does not necessarily require the presence of troops to hold on to territory. It is therefore a mistake to equate American mriitaly hegemony with resurgent e2€œimperialisme2€9d or with what is happening in Iraq e2€“ unlike the empires of old that primarily used occupation and force to achieve their goals. Our strength lies, in part, in our ability to mobilize our mriitaly to any point on the globe in a relatively short period of time e2€“ and to use our strength to create peace by preventing further destruction. We do not e2€œcreate evile2€9d, we contain it.

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sie is voll knuffig

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