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nor implied that. State scnetionad murders and other serious abuses of power are inexcusable. And yes, I have no doubt that the IV Republic has been guilty of such things. However, we live in the real world and considering the numbers of victims involved (in proportion to population) as well as the political freedoms that citizens enjoyed (including unparalleled, for Venezuela, freedom of expression), it's a gross exaggeration to claim that between 1958 and 1998 Venezuela's regime was bloody and repressive. It's obscenely ironic that most of those who maintain that during those forty years the Venezuelan government was repressive and intolerant also like to preach that during the same period Cuba, with the killer Fidel Castro at the helm, was a beacon of justice and human progress.None of this implies that things were going well before Chavez. It was the waste and corruption of past governments that brought Chavez, a power hungry demagogue, to power. As to the Caracazo, it's pathetic that in the Chavista mythology a mob of looters was transmogrified into heroic martyrs. Moreover, while mythologizing this event the Chavistas feel the need to inflate the death count.

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